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We Improving The Quality Of Life For Everyone.
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Eat More, Spend Less And Earn More

Bonuus creates business opportunities for ordinary people. No cost, no skill, no investment, no selling, as long as you know how to eat, you can earn money. How much? As many as you want it to be. The way of uniting society creates passive income.

Bonuus is the savior of the catering industry and traditional hawkers in the epidemic. Facing the problem of business volume? Are you robbed of business by the emerging home-based industry? Business is booming, employees are not motivated, business is not good, employees are too free? Our system will bring you unlimited business volume. Our employee reward program will enable all employees to create a better future for the company.The way of uniting society will create unexpected business opportunities and unlimited passive income for you.

Eat more, spend less and earn more with Bonuus

Without spending extra money, you can make a profit with Bonuus. Allow All income groups to obtain passive income opportunities.

Bonuus is your personal companion for going cashless. Available in shops and restaurants all across Malaysia.

• Go cashless: Solve your daily payment with the Bonuus app at thousands of restaurants and retail stores! You don't need to top-up, just connect your bank or debit/credit card and pay when you want

• Potential passive income: Regularly using the Bonuus app and inviting friends to use the Bonuus app allows you to earn passive income. Solve your money problem today!!

Bonuus, Improving the quality of life for everyone.


Bonuus Create Business Opportunities For People In The New Normal Business Environment.

Without taking a penny from your pocket, without any skills set, without selling any items. You pay for your meals and we will reward you with money you deserved. Build passive income with united society and change the mind set of you get pay when you actually working.

Bonuus Is The Savior Of All Restaurant During Pandemic

Lack of customers during pandemic? Can't compete with home cook business?

Our platform will help you increase your daily customer volume. Our rewards system for your staff will helps your restaurant create a better future together with your staff.


Merchant Recruiters

  1. If you are a workers, you won't be getting more than your basic salary each month. But if you join our merchant recruiter program, our system will rewards you a very good looking passive income.

  2. If you are a shop owner, as long as you have your business opening, you will be reward with dividends from our platform. If you business is running great, you will be rewarded more dividends. If you have multiple branches, each branch helps you to earn a few thousands from our dividends will be a very great bonus for you to expand your business.

Bonuus Platform For All Employees And Business Partners To Get Wealthy Together

Here you are not just a worker or business partner, we will share the dividends with you. We will lead everyone to the channel to get wealthy and live a better and quality life together in the future